<What is Superform?>

Superform is a non-custodial yield marketplace. The protocol provides access to ERC-4626 vaults from any EVM chain.


See anything

Browse through vaults across chains and view data about each vault

Deposit Everywhere

Deposit into multiple vaults using any asset from any chain in a single transaction

Withdraw Anywhere

Withdraw from multiple vaults to any asset on any chain in a single transaction

Distribute instantly

Permissionlessly list vaults on the Superform marketplace to enable deposits from any chain using any token


Manage your protocol and vaults directly from Superform without the need to build a dedicated frontend

How it Works

Superform contracts are deployed on each supported EVM chain. These contracts route and receive messages and funds from users and send them to user-designated vaults. Users are minted SuperPositions which represent their ownership of the yield.

What are SuperPositions?

SuperPositions enable the flexibility and composability of cross-chain yield on Superform. When an ERC-4626 vault is deposited into, a vault share is minted. This vault share is locked in a Superform contract on the vault’s native chain, while a representative SuperPosition is minted to the user on their source chain. This enables yield from any chain to be represented on any other chain, and allows users to stay entirely native to a single chain in their interactions with yield. When a SuperPosition is burned, the vault share is redeemed for the underlying asset.

<Frequently Asked Questions>

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